About Us

The Coffee Can has been operating in Cairns for four years now, in fact we were the first and, as far a we are aware, still the only consistently eco-friendly coffee van. We now have a Cafe in Redlynch from which we bake all our cakes and we also have a Coffee Cart which we use for corporate events, weddings and indoor venues.

We are passionate about coffee, supporting other local businesses and great customer service. We were recently asked to provide a coffee service for the the Cairns Regional Council offices whilst their own Cafe took some time off over Christmas, after some great feed back, we have been asked to go back next year.


Wanna find out how The Coffee Can produce their one-of-a-kind drinks and foods? Read our supplier page for more information on exactly that!

Our History

The Coffee Can started life in May 2014, Mr Can having had a long burning ambition to run a coffee van. After an extensive search of vans to buy, we made the decision to have our coffee van custom made for us at Bella Manufacturing on the Sunshine Coast. We had the van designed to our specifications and 4 years on, its out working practically 7 days a week.

The Coffee Can Cafe came about when we needed to make the choice of having another van or adding a brick and mortar shop to our portfolio. We took over the Corner Store on Michaelangelo, Redlynch in September 2017 and have not looked back since. The brick and mortar Cafe has added to our reputation for great coffee every time and excellent customer service and we now have a Coffee Can

Meet the Staff

Sharon (The Boss Lady)

Favourite Coffee: Extra shot skinny flat white

Favourite Food: All of it!

Deearn (Manager)

Favourite Coffee: Caramel Latte

Favourite Food: Banana Bread

Fal (Boss Lady's Unicorn 🦄)

Favourite Coffee: Iced Latte (Strong)

Favourite Food: Everything I'm not allowed to have 😎

Thing's I'm Good At: Droppin' shots, spinnin' milk and running my mouth

As well as owner Sharon and Chris, we now have Faloun who does the coffee van run and Deearn who runs the Cafe on a daily basis.